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Police are pulling over kids!

September 28, 2020

Thirteen local police departments are partnering with Helmets First to reward kids when they see them wearing helmets. No, they aren't really pulling them over :). This is a great way to encourage kids to wear a helmet, while also providing positive impact and a positive interaction between police and kids/families.


In the last few weeks there have been many awesome stories shared about super-excited kids getting prizes such as Sonic, Andys, Culver's, and McDonalds ice cream cones, or other items from McAlister's or Strange Donuts! And it's not just the kids that are excited. Every police department involved loves this opportunity to interact with kids positively.


These departments are also offering free, properly-fitted helmets for area kids. You can contact then directly to see how to get one for your child.


Are you interested in supporting Helmets First and local police? You can donate through their website, sponsor helmet with your business logo, or participate in their Virtual Golf Tournament

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