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Office Update Clarification


There have been some questions following the announcement that I am going to Concierge medicine. Here are some bullet points to help clear up some of the confusion.

-Our practice will remain open and continue to accept insurance.

-The nurse practitioner you have been seeing will continue to provide your child’s care and I will supervise them, review charts, and am always available for them to consult.

-I am searching for an MD to add to the practice. Until I find one, I will be in the office a couple of days a month for more complicated cases and also provide some telehealth services for follow-ups. When a new MD is hired, he/she will take over that responsibility. (Please note, some practices do not have MD supervisors for their nurse practitioners and this is something we are proud to say we offer)

-Allies4Health will provide care starting Jan 1, 2022, with me giving Concierge service to 100 children. You can learn more at and you can now pre-register to be one of those 100 patients.

-Allies4Health will not accept insurance and will be a cash/credit-only practice. For each visit, you may request a superbill that you can send to your insurance in an attempt to get reimbursed.

If you want to be a Founding Member (current/active/up to date patients) and save 10% for life or have any other questions, please feel free to email me at

-Dr. Joe

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