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Dr. Cangas transitioning to Concierge medicine


For quite some time now, many of you have noticed that I’m not often in the office. Years ago, we outgrew the need for one provider and one location. Sure, I could have started a waiting list and left people to search for other options, but I wanted all children to have access to the kind of care we give.

What kind of care is that? Graceful, loving, compassionate, thorough care. That means we may not always agree and we don’t have to. We love all children and want to work with you to do what's best for them and your family.

I miss the days of knowing my patients well and being able to spend all of the time with them I can, so I am transitioning to Allies4Health, where I will offer concierge medicine to 100 children. These families will have direct access to me via phone, text, email, virtual visits, and home visits. Being in your home means you aren’t exposed to unnecessary pathogens. It also means you make the rule for whether you mask or not (I will be masked until recommendations change in healthcare).

I will still be the owner and supervisor of the Pediatric Nurse practitioners at the practice and I’m actively searching for a like-minded pediatrician to join the team. During that transition, I will be available for more complicated cases, but spaces will be very limited.

Allies4Health will have other cash options for Nurse Practitioner care coming in the future, as well. Make sure to follow the Facebook page and website to stay up to date.

Do you want your children to be part of the 100 in my Concierge practice? For being faithful, current patients of my practice, you can be a Founding Member of Allies4Health. $99 will hold your spot (the intended launch date is Jan 1, 2022). And you will get 10% off all packages for your current and any future children for as long as you remain an active patient.

Thank you for your support of our practice. I look forward to continuing to provide you the care you deserve for your children. If you have any questions, please email

Dr. Joe

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