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COVID office updates

December 8, 2020

With changes in recommendations coming from the CDC, I thought it was a good time to give an update on our current recommendations and options.


Quarantine recommendations:

Our state continues to use the old recommendations while it reviews the changed recommendations from the CDC. This means we still recommend a full 10 day quarantine for someone with COVID who is symptomatic. And a full 14 day quarantine for someone exposed to COVID who does not have symptoms.


One area of confusion comes when someone in your house has COVID. If you are not able to FULLY quarantine them to a room in your house, those without COVID or symptoms must complete a 14 day quarantine AFTER the 10 day quarantine of the person with COVID.


Testing options:

Effective today, December 7th, we will only be offering rapid testing for our current patients. We are starting to see a decrease in testing supply availability and must limit the amount of tests we are performing in order to be able to continue to offer testing for our patients.


If you are interested in a cash only, drive-up rapid testing option, you can find one here:


While a positive rapid COVID test confirms a diagnosis of COVID, our office continues to recommend a PCR swab to confirm a negative rapid test, which takes 24-72 hours for results. We are finding a false negative rate of 10-15%, and cannot give clearance from quarantine without it.


I hope this helps!

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