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We are sad to announce the office of Ideal Pediatrics is permanently closed. 

Looking for Dr Joe?  See Below

Billing questions, please email our billing department.  They are not currently accepting phone calls

Question about records? See below for how to request records. Or click the button to email records department.

What are my options?

Join Dr Joe's Concierge
In-Home Practice

For a monthly subscription, you

get direct access to Dr Cangas via text, email, phone, video visits, office visits. Limited to 100 children.

You can also get House Calls! 

Whole Child Pediatrics

Dr Joe also owns Whole Child Pediatrics.

Learn more about this practice by clicking Learn More below.

Request Records

Records will be sent as quickly as possible, but it could take

up to 90 days.  

Click the link below to request an electronic copy of your child's records. Then, a link to download the records will be sent to ONE email address. The link will expire in 10 days.  You can have them sent to you or your new pediatrician. 

Electronic records will be sent for $10

Paper copies are $15 plus 25 cents per page plus shipping.  Email us for pricing and payment.